Introducting Ruby Rasaei - Fitness Expert from Toronto

October 02, 2015

WayGood Tea is delighted to have the opportunity to introduce a fitness expert based in Toronto. Ruby Rasaei is a certified Personal Trainer, NCCP Coach and fitness entrepreneur. We had the chance to ask for some details on how Ruby got to where she is and on what she does now.

Ruby has over nine years of experience in the fitness industry and has worked for some of the most prominent gyms and fitness experts in the GTA such as Wynn Fitness, Extreme Fitness, and LA Fitness.

How did Ruby get to where she is now as a results-driven trainer?

“I have held positions as a trainer, consultant and manager, prior to starting my own business and working as an independent trainer. I currently am the Owner of Hourglass Workout™ Brampton and Yorkdale locations, an award winning women’s only bootcamp based out of Toronto, Ontario.”

What got Ruby into the fitness business? (We at WayGood Tea believe this is important information for others who are already involved in health or fitness but want to also make it a career.)

“I stumbled into fitness ten years, as a student at the University of Waterloo. At the time, I played soccer and I ended up injuring my knees. Since I had to give up soccer, I started going to the gym and quickly fell in love with fitness! I naturally gravitated towards weight training and decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer.”

What did Ruby find to be the best path for her?

“I immediately began working as a trainer following my certification in 2007 and have not stopped since, other than to finish school and to collect experiences in the marketing/ sales industry.”

What kind of credentials did Ruby find valuable?

“I hold a Bachelors of Arts in Arts & Business and am a pretty decent graphic and web designer. I also have lots of experience in sales and marketing and have held positions in those fields as well. I briefly gave up my full time position as a trainer (from 2012 to 2014 ) to collect experiences in marketing and sales. You see, I also have a thing for marketing and knew I had to understand marketing and sales better in order to become a successful business owner. So if you do not see me in the gym, I am most likely at the computer, working on some very nerdy stuff!”

A critical issue for us at is to figure out what smaller elements are building blocks to health and fitness for everyone. What is Ruby’s approach to ideal fitness?

“I take a holistic approach to health both personally and with my clients. My style of training incorporates traditional strength training, functional training and athletic training. I offer one-on-one personal training and online coaching programs, in addition to my bootcamp classes.”

What helps Ruby make fitness into a business and a lifestyle, even today?

“I am currently working hard to chip away at some big projects including an online in-home workout program. I am always looking to expand my network and work with new clients and fellow peers in the fitness industry. I look forward to growing my footprint in the fitness industry, both as a trainer and as an entrepreneur.”

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