Lavender - That Really Fragrant, Purple Flower

October 07, 2015

Lavender is most renowned for being exceptionally fragrant. Lavender has a myriad of uses – can be used as the most luscious tea making ingredient, often in combination with other herbal teas, aromatherapy and an aphrodisiac that eases a multitude of health problems.


As one of the most renowned scents in the world, lavender, when inhaled, serves as an antidepressant and stress buster. The beautiful aroma of lavender calms one down and facilitates sleep.


Lavender is widely used to treat insomnia, anxiety and headaches. The analgesic properties in lavender are great for migraine. Lavender is also an answer for symptomatic menopause – it tempers down hot flushes and regulates irregular moods due to the plummet of hormones.


Lavender has been known to remedy flatulence and colic. Lavender also calms a nervous stomach down while also addressing respiratory system woes like common cold, cough and influenza. Lavender’s expectorant value also rids phlegm clog and makes breathing easy. Lavender fights airborne viruses – it defends your body from infections. As a vulnerary, lavender speeds up wound healing especially surgery wounds. Lavender also relieves pains and aches as well as muscle and joint stiffness. It also helps mitigate rheumatic woes and paves way for a pain free body.


In some places, lavender, fresh or dried, is added to teas to help keep diabetes and insulin resistance in check. Lavender also has an antiseptic nature.


Lavender makes an excellent and pick-you-up herbal tea. Dried lavender is best used for tea preparation. You can make an on-its-own lavender tea or add other ingredients to it like chamomile, lemon and honey. Regular intake of lavender tea would immensely benefit you.


External lavender usage is numerous, particularly lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oils can be used in bath water and tub water for an invigorating and relaxing bathing experience. Strong lavender tea can also be used to bathe and rinse scalp and hair to rid dandruff. This versatile herb of purple is simply a boon to mankind.

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