Benefits of Sexy Rose Hips - Super Nutritional Value

September 16, 2015

Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant. They’re usually crimson but there are orange, purple and black variations as well. Regardless, rosehips are beautiful to look at – they’re as pretty as can be.


Rose hips can be taken to context as a most flavorful and aromatic tea. This is only one way you can indulge in rose hips. Rose hips nutritional value is sky high, making it one of sought after fruit in the herbal wellbeing world.


Currently, rose hip is most recognized for its ability to mitigate symptomatic rheumatoid arthritis and a host of other ailments and prevent health afflictions.


Rose hips are packed with a powerful punch of nutrients that preserves health and treat health conditions. And, it doesn’t stop at that - rose hips contain potent antioxidant properties that fight cancer causing free radicals and ageing.

Rich in iron, rosehips promote blood surging – forming red blood cells. Especially good for young girls and women, rosehips will ensure that the menstrual flow is smooth, regular, consistent and ample, without uterine congestion, boosting reproductive health while curbing anemia.


The minerals in rosehips fortify bone density, curbing osteoporosis. Bones will gain flexibility as well as durability.


The abundance of vitamin C in rosehips helps produce more collagen in your body. Collagen is the stuff that makes the skin firm and youthful. The vitamin C in rosehips also boosts the immune system by stimulating white blood cell production that fights asthma and the cold and flu viruses, taking care of the overall health of your respiratory system.


Rosehips are particularly good for diabetic people due to its phenomenal ability to regulate blood sugar levels. It strikes a balance between insulin and glucose in the body, controlling deadly blood sugar spike and plunges.


The organic compounds and antioxidants replete in rosehips prevent blood cholesterol accumulation and reduce it. As a result, strain on your cardiovascular system will be lifted. Risk of heart disease and stroke reduces drastically.


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