Benefits of Rose - More Than Just A Pretty Flower

September 30, 2015


You may think that roses can only be used to woo the one that captivated your heart. No, roses, rose petals, rose oil, rose water and rose fragrance essence have been used for centuries for beauty and health purposes.


The most punctuated thing in roses is fragrance. Roses are among the first choice scent for aromatherapy and renowned for their mood lifting properties. Simply dab rose oil on your wrists or burn rose scented candles for instant mood enhancing and ambient relaxation.


Rose oil has moisturizing properties. The natural oils in roses pack skin with moisture – the sugars in rose petals help nourish skin deeply, giving it a rosy glow.


If you have dark circles underneath your eyes, place soaked in rose water thin cotton swabs on your eyes and relax for about 10 minutes. It would help clear the dark circles under eyes. Your eyes will sparkle as well.


You’d never think such an innocent and pretty looking flower is fierce when faced with bacteria. Roses have strong antibacterial properties to help keep your body protected. 


Rose water and extract help fight acne, breakouts and help balance oily skin - eases skin irritation and redness as well. Rinse your hair and scalp with rose water to curb itchiness, flaky scalp and hair fall.


Rose petals are rich in calcium and vitamin C, essential acids and pectin content – ingesting them assists and improves many bodily functions. Rose petals detoxify the body- helping to flush out toxins from your system. It eliminates heat from your body, cooling your system down.


Rose petals relieve sore throat and cold symptoms like running nose, clearing blocked bronchial tubes. Rose petals are a natural laxative and also aids menstruation in women.


The health benefits of rose petals can be experienced by daily bulk consumption. Drink rose’ petal tea or include rose petals in your meals to enjoy the health benefits of the rose flower.


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