Benefits of Ginger - A Cleansing Root

August 20, 2015

Ginger is an amazing root, with a long list of benefits that range from cooking to healing. In fact, the root has been a prized item in food and medicine for thousands of years. Today, it’s used in the culinary world as a delicious spice and a desirable tea flavor for many. Besides it’s amazing taste, ginger has a number of healing attributes and has ben used to relieve nausea and vomiting for centuries. Modern research confirms that it can indeed decrease vomiting and nausea for upset stomachs, morning sickness, motion sickness and even chemotherapy treatments. Here are some other things you can use ginger for:

  1. Gas

If you’re suffering from gas, ginger can reduce the painful spasms in your intestinal tract, making it the perfect remedy for whenever you feel as if your gut is going to explode. Drink it right before you go to bed so that it clears out your digestive system throughout the night.


  1. Reduces Pain

Many are on the fence if this is true or not, but many claim that ginger can indeed reduce pain and inflammation for many. Try it out yourself the next time you have a massive headache you can’t get rid of or have severe menstrual cramps each month. And if you suffer from arthritis, many say that some ginger minimizes the pain, too since it’s an anti-inflammatory.


  1. Treats Cancer

Ginger has been shown to treat some cancers like ovarian cancer. Even if you’re cancer free, amp up your ginger intake to take early precautions.


  1. Weight Loss

If you’re trying to shed some extra pounds, ginger can help you lose weight since it acts like a fat burner. And ginger will also make you feel full, so you’ll want to eat less and will feel full longer, thus reducing your caloric intake.


  1. Improved Circulation

Ginger helps your body’s blood flow, so you’ll feel energized after consuming some ginger. It’s especially great in the winter or if you live in a cold area since it’ll warm your body from the inside out.