Yoga Benefits - Detoxing the Body

April 19, 2015

Yoga has always been a popular exercise and meditation that is suitable for any age. Yoga is composed of a lot of positions and breathing techniques and has been favored by many people even pregnant women. Practitioners of yoga have experienced its health benefits and are now happier people than before. Curiosity is one trait we humans possess and it helps us learn. In this post, we will break down the real deal behind the benefits of yoga:

Flexibility, improved bone health and prevention of cartilage and joints breakdown

Certain yoga positions help stretch out muscles, joints and cartilage. Since yoga is a non-vigorous exercise, it does not strain them that much. Moving them frequently helps keeping them healthy.

Muscle strength training

Yoga positions require holding the position for a few minutes. If you do yoga often, you strengthen your muscles more. You can then hold your position for longer periods.

Corrects your posture and protects your spine

Certain yoga positions need you to stretch properly (to prevent injury) for a few good minutes. Doing yoga often will teach you to correct your existing poor posture.

Helps you sleep better at night

Since you are relaxed (mind and body), you will be able to sleep longer and better at night. No more dreamless sleep. You will even wake up feeling wonderful.

Better mood

When your brain is relaxed and you get sleep better, your body is at a good condition. Yoga helps an individual “de-stress” themselves providing better mood throughout the day. You’ll also be more positive towards things and events in your life.

The benefits above are just some of many benefits yoga can give you. We highly believe that yoga will make your life better in every aspect because we’ve been there and look how far we’ve come. Give it a try and see it for yourself!