Lemon Detox - A Healthy & Natural Sweetener

March 01, 2015

When life you gives you lemons… sweeten your tea! Adding sweeteners to tea have always been a way to satisfy that sweet tooth, but rather than adding sugar or artificial sweeteners, have you tried a squeeze of lemon?

Many believe that those 0 calorie sweeteners are the way to go. After all, fewer calories mean a healthier, leaner brew of tea right? On the flip side, let me share with you the benefits of lemons as a natural, alternative sweetener that might make you think twice next time you tear open a pack of Splenda.

Aside from the lovely citrus flavor of lemons, they have a wide range of benefits that make your healthy brew of tea even healthier! Lemons have natural cleansing properties that detox your body by stimulating your liver and creating bowel movement. This enhances your digestive system, which is important for absorbing nutrients and converting the food into energy. So what does a healthy digestive system mean? It means those extra calories you were worried about won’t be turned into fat.

You can learn more about the other benefits of lemon here.

Even Beyonce understands that lemons are great detox foods! The beautiful, talented artist went on a lemonade diet for weight loss and lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks for the movie, Dreamgirls. With all the great benefits of lemons, you might just consider making them a part of your life too.

We’ve already incorporated the benefits of lemon in one of our signature cleansing teas, Lemon Jasmine Cleanse. Try it out and see for yourself the wonders of lemon!